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Prepaid Telefonkarten Automaten, Automatici per la vendita di prepagate telefoniche, Distributeur automatique de cartes de téléphone prépayée, Prepaid phone card vending machine

Offline and online we offer products and solutions for the sale of more than 450 types:

  • Prepaid telephone
  • Refills of phones away
  • Credits iTunes
  • Credits WiFi (Trustive, Monzoon, etc.)
  • Coupons and gift cards (Athletikum, Manor, etc)
  • Refills of credit cards

Our solutions provide regular support and control of the 24h store.

In addition we also offer innovative solutions in the internet and cloud like:

  • Shop online
  • Virtual outlets

The online shop solutions are accessible from various devices that our partners and customers can use them without making major installations and purchases, but you simply connect to the Internet.

The virtual stores are real vending machines connected to the Internet that accept payment by vouchers, SMS, credit cards and cash.